Thursday, June 2, 2011


After over ten years and about 2 hundred fly rods I'm  finally putting my old wrapping stand out to pasture. It did everything I ask it to do but was not very attractive. Some pressboard covered with wood grain vinyl. A velcro strap to hold the blank and 2 thread tension devices (both the same). Very utilitarian but not a thing of beauty.

It is being replaced by a home made one, constructed of Afzelia burl which has some modifications from its predecessor.  Two types of thread tension devices,  one which acts on the thread, the other which acts on the spool (much better for silk tread). The blank is held by elastic bands rather than the velcro, brass post are more optimally located for better thread angles and it is 3" longer. 

This is what customization is all about. Improving the functionality of an item  and making it a one of a kind thing of beauty. I don't know if the rods I wrap on the new stand will be any better than those with the old wrapper, but so far I've enjoyed working on the new wrapper much, much more than the old one.

It's like fishing with an off the rack cookie cutter rod vs. a custom rod. 


A special thanks to Mike for his help.

Posted by Harper Fly Rods - Dennis at 6/2/2011 6:07 PM