Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another Casting for Recovery Rod

The southwest council FFF has issued a rod building challenge to any SWCFFF club and their members. The rods would be use at Casting for Recovery  So .Cal. at their retreats. 

The rules were simple: 
1. Build a 9’, 5wt 4 piece rod, supply a rod tube and donate it for the challenge.  
2. Build the rod to CFR theme. There must be a bit of pink somewhere on the build.

I found an old Fisher blank with spigot ferrules in the back corner my blank storage closet, and thought perfect. It was a moderate action blank, which would load easily and be great for a beginner. 
I thought a pink wrap with a metallic purple inlay on the would carry out the CRF theme but the combination was to much for my taste. I ended up using a chestnut color thread , which matched the beautiful chestnut color of the blank and used color fast pink thread as the inlays.  I think it turned out beautiful and carried the theme through out the rod.

The last step was to add a small pink ribbon under the reel seat for a little extra “mojo” in the rod.

Here are some pics of the finished rod.

It was a fun project and I had fun developing the "pink" CFR theme.