Saturday, March 22, 2014


Step #1:  Choose your feathers from the supply you have.  As you can see, I've got plenty to choose from!

Step #2 - Feathers Picked.  These feathers were selected for the design I had in mind.  

Step #3 - First feather applied after being soaked in a 50/50 solution of Color Preservative and water.  The CP acts as an adhesive for the feathers.  This feather is a Jungle Cock Flank Feather. 

Step #4 - Make sure that the first feather is thoroughly dried before applied the next feather, or this may cause the first feather to shift position.  This is vital for all steps!!!  After drying, the second feather is applied, again using the CP/Water solution.  This feather is an Amhurst Collar.

Step #5 - Again, after drying (this is vital), the Amhurst Flank Feather is applied.

Step #6 - After drying (again, I can't stress how important this is), the Peacock Pheasant Eye is applied.

Step #7 - After drying (I really can't state this too much), a pair of Jungle Cock Eyes are applied

Step #8 - After drying (see a theme about the drying yet?), a second pair of Jungle Cock Eyes are applied.

Step #9 - After drying (last time about the drying), a flex coat is applied, and this is what you end up with!

I hope this helps you out with your multi-feather inlay attempts.  It took me more than once to get this technique perfected, so be patient and keep practicing.  And remember beauty is in the imperfections of an object! 


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